Doctors – Review

Doctors – Review

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Name: Doctors/Doctor Crush

Release Date: 2016

Episodes: 20

Summary: Yoo Hye Jung is a high school delinquent who is sent to live with her grandmother. She skips school, shoplifts and has a an altogether gangster personality. A chance meeting connects her with Hong Ji Hong who plays an important role in transforming her into a talented doctor. 13 years later they meet again and fall in love.


I finished this drama a while back but took time to post this because reviewing it was as boring as watching it. It baffles me how this drama reached an average of 18% ratings wise, while poor Scarlet Heart Ryeo is struggling to reach 10%.

There are many reasons why this drama was a disappointment; first of all, it played out differently than what the teasers had shown us. I mean we got to see Yoo Hye Jung (played by Park Shin Hye) fight for like 2 episodes and then we never got to hear about her martial arts skills again. Second of all, characters that seemed important at first disappeared without any explanation (whatever happened to Ji Soo’s character??), I am not sure whether it was bad writing or last minute schedule conflicts but it was weird. Third of all, I can’t be the only one to feel extremely uncomfortable watching Park Shin Hye and Kim Rae Won play lovers. I couldn’t feel any chemistry between the two and the majority of their scenes felt awkward and forced.

Finally, the plot itself failed to meet expectations; for a medical drama it lacked any thrilling moments with most surgeries following the same pattern. I think there just wasn’t enough material for a 20 episode drama, which resulted in a string of awkward PSH-KRW encounters connected with scenes of PSH trying to uncover the truth about her grandma and few surgeries here and there.


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Hong Ji Hong: Played by Kim Rae Won, Hong is a neurosurgeon who decides to take a step back and restart his career as a biology teacher. Fate puts him in Yoo Hye Jung’s path and he helps her change from a delinquent to a passionate doctor. 13 years later they meet again and begin a relationship. Kim Rae Won did a good job with his character, my only concern is that I felt no chemistry between him and Park Shin Hye. At first, I thought that that was because of the big age difference between their characters, but we’ve seen previous examples where the age difference added to the chemistry rather than diminished it.

Yoo Hye Jung: Played by Park Shin Hye, she is a badass who is skilled in martial arts and isn’t afraid to use it. I was pleased to see that this role was very different than the roles that Park Shin Hye usually plays. Her acting has really improved and matured since her Heartstrings days, but again I felt that she had no chemistry with Kim Rae Won and tried too hard to act like a teenager in love. It was also disappointing that we couldn’t see much of her kicking ass skills beyond the first couple episodes.

Jung Yoon Do: Played by Yoon Kyun Sang. Jung Yoon Do was a pleasure to look at because he is absolutely gorgeous, but that’s it. I wished that the writers had explored his story further, because I didn’t feel any connection to his character or his almost nonexistent storyline.

Jin Seo Woo: Played by Lee Sung Kyung, she is frenemies with Yoo Hye Jung and is a model student and later a model doctor. She is honestly the only character that truly felt 4-dimensional and I enjoyed watching her grow and change as the show progressed.

Overall, if I had to describe this drama using one word it would be “bland”. It was too….simple and with so many good dramas this season, simple is just not good enough. Even the show’s villains felt like caricatures and failed to hit home.


There are way too many good dramas this season to waste time on this, skip it.


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