Flower Grandpa Investigation Unit – Review

Flower Grandpa Investigation Unit – Review

Image: Dramaforreal

Name: Flower Grandpa Investigation Unit

Release Date: 2014

Genre: Comedy, Fantasy, Mystery

Episodes: 12

Summary: The drama tells the story of an investigation unit made up of four flower boy detectives and one female detective. An investigation goes wrong and three of the male detectives turn into 70 year olds overnight. The drama follows their story as they try to uncover the mystery of their transformation while solving crimes. If you don’t know what a flower boy is, I suggest you google it before you continue reading.


I am going to skip the part where I apologize for my inconsistency in posting and dive right in.

Before we start, I would just like to mention that I only gave this drama a chance because it starred the awesome Kim Heechul.  I don’t regret it, because I really enjoyed watching this. I don’t understand why this drama received lukewarm ratings, I thought it was hilarious and didn’t take itself too seriously. I personally think that some dramas or movies aren’t meant to be taken seriously and thus should be judged accordingly. You can’t judge Flower Grandpa Investigation Unit like you would judge Descendants of the Sun for example. Never mind that the two have different genres, it still won’t work.


The relationship between the casts and their strikingly different personalities are what moved this drama forward. The use of banmal with “seniors” was of course a recurring joke and what made it hilarious was the passersby’s horrified reaction to it. Tip: It helps if you’re familiar with Korean culture and its emphasis on respect.


Jeon Kang-seok: A man with an unhealthy  obsession with pink and the girl group Apink. He is known to be strong and a good fighter. Of course this all changes when he turns 70 overnight and can barely hold a fart (literally). I am not normally someone who finds fart jokes funny, but the ashamed expression on his face and the disgusted looks of his colleagues were definite laugh out loud moments. It is also hilarious to watch a 70 year old wearing a pink hat and dancing to Apink’s nonono.

Image: Dramaforreal

Park Jung-woo: Played by Kim Heechul, he is the only one of the four who remains young. His character is lazy but street smart. Knowing Heechul, it was a little difficult to buy the sweet and kind act. I also found his relationship with Eunji to be painfully awkward and misplaced. This is just not how I would imagine Heechul to fall in love and since he hasn’t done a great job convincing me that he is Park Jung-woo and not Heechul, I am going to have to judge accordingly.

Image: Dramaforreal

Han Won-bin: My favorite grandpa! Han Won-bin is the classic narcissistic flower boy, so of course he takes the transformation the hardest. He is played by Byun Hee-bong who did an AMAZING job playing the character. I don’t know if it is his facial expressions or the phlegmy voice but it was hilarious watching him trying to flirt with ladies and then moaning the fact that his youth and beauty are all gone.


Lee Joon-hyuk: A genius who leads the team into solving the crimes and uncovering the mystery behind their change. He has to watch helplessly as his fiancée questions his sudden disappearance. I felt that his relationship with Eunji was also underdeveloped. With Heechul, I was at least able to trace when his feelings began to grow, but that didn’t happen with Joon-hyuk. Of course the character was played to perfection by Lee Soon-jae, so I am only blaming the script with this one.

The only negative thing that really bothered me with this drama was the fact that the ending was rushed which left many loose ends. It started out hilarious with the characters bumping heads because of their differences, while at the same time using these differences to solve the crimes. However, as the story progressed it felt too rushed as if the ending was an afterthought rather than something that was planned in advance. Certain decisions made by our detectives also felt out of character. Had the writing been smoother, it would have seemed as if they are simply growing but that wasn’t the case.

Nonetheless, it was an enjoyable watch and I do believe it would have also been absolutely hilarious  as an anime.

The Verdict:

A fun little drama that is enjoyable if you want a break from the more serious ones. Go in knowing that it is not going to be a perfect masterpiece  and I assure you that you will love it!


One thought on “Flower Grandpa Investigation Unit – Review

  1. This looks freakin’ adorable. I’m always a fan of the grandpa’s and grandma’s in kdramas, and it’s about time they get some more attention. This drama looks like a lot of fun so thanks for the suggestion. By the way, how’d you feel about sharing your work on Moviepilot/Creators? I’d love to expand on that so feel free to send me an e-mail. My contact details are on my blog. Hope to hear from you.

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