Hot Pursuit – Review

Hot Pursuit – Review

Picture: Wikipedia
Picture: Wikipedia

Name: Hot Pursuit

Release Date: May 2015

Genre: Action, Comedy

Rating: PG -13

Summary: A police officer (Reese Witherspoon) must protect a drug dealer’s widow (Sofia Vergara) from criminals and corrupt police officers.


This movie was bad. Really bad.

Let me explain, I rarely enjoy this type of humor because I generally find nothing funny about vulgar jokes, sexist jokes or a combination of both. Call me old-fashioned or boring, but I’d rather have movies that rely on sarcastic comebacks and smart puns. Having said that, I decided to give this movie a try because I was hoping that, by having two female leads and a female director, we’d have something new that doesn’t rely on boob jokes and curse words.

Unfortunately, I was severely disappointed.

The Plot:

The two leads escape from drug lords and corrupt police officers in order to get to Dallas and testify against them. Everything from losing their phones, to a handsome convict falling for Reese was predictable, unfunny and forced. The plot followed the usual comedy movie formula of two people working together despite their differences and the mishaps that these differences cause.

The Acting:

If I had to choose which of the two was the least horrible, I’d have to go with Reese Witherspoon. Despite the poorly written dialogue, she managed to somehow make it slightly believable as the obsessive police officer. Sofia Vergara on the other hand, used the same brash, heavily-accented persona she uses for Modern Family, and while it’s funny on that show, it gets old very fast when it’s supposed to be a completely different character. Her reactions felt rehearsed and were always two seconds too late.

The Humor:

It was very repetitive and unoriginal. I get it, Reese Witherspoon is short and has a moustache, Sofia Vergara’s body is that of a goddess, and men feel uncomfortable about period jokes. Okay….and? I was really expecting more from this pair; I know that Vergara has more to offer than typical bimbo roles that insult her and our intelligence.

Redeeming Qualities:

It was a short movie.

The Verdict:



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