La Marche Republicaine isn’t hypocritical, Charlie Hebdo is

La Marche Republicaine isn’t hypocritical, Charlie Hebdo is

You know these iconic historical pictures that define their eras? Sometimes I see pictures that are taken now, and I can just tell that these pictures will define our era in the future. Pictures of La Marche Republicaine in Paris will definitely do that.

Seeing thousands of people gather in one place for the name of peace was incredible, and I was glad to have witnessed it (through TV but still). However, cries about hypocrisy arose (Netanyahu leading the march of peace? The man responsible for killing hundreds of Palestinian children? Really now?) and it got me thinking.

I do believe that having certain world leaders lead the march made it look hypocritical, but let’s look at the bigger picture here. The other marchers were simple citizens who are sick and tired (like the rest of us) of all the violence and hate. These people truly believed in that cause and were sincere about it.

I am still amazed and thankful that this horrible attack has backfired on its initiators. Instead of more Islamophobia arising, we now have louder calls for peace and respect between all races and religions. While I was typing this blog post, I stumbled upon an article by TIME, reporting that Charlie Hebdo plans to feature cartoons of Prophet Mohamad (PBUH) in its next edition.

I facepalmed.

What a stupid, insensitive thing to do. I mean of course I am still against the attacks, and I do believe that they are free to draw whatever they want, silly little cartoons are not going to affect Prophet Mohamad’s (PBUH) legacy in any way. But it is such an immature thing to do, people were calling for peace and mutual respect just yesterday, and here they are spreading a message of hate all over again.

I get that they are trying to defy the terrorists, but at this point they are simply re-launching the cycle of abhorrence, and undermining what the march was truly about.

Although it shouldn’t be, freedom of speech is a complicated topic. I could think of hundreds of things I am allowed to say under the argument of freedom of speech, but does it mean that I should? Can the newspaper draw something that denies the Holocaust for example? We’re going in circles here.

Truth be told, La Marche Republicaine isn’t hypocritical, Charlie Hebdo is.


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