On Celebrities and Nostalgia

On Celebrities and Nostalgia


As I was innocently surfing the internet (I was supposed to be studying for my Progress Test, but no matter), I stumbled upon a meme that celebrated Leonardo Dicaprio’s 40th birthday and raised a toast to him, calling him our imaginary boyfriend for the past 40 years.

I am not going to lie, that post made me teary eyed and gave me a nostalgia attack (God knows I get them so frequently). It also made me think of celebrity culture, and while it has always been a subject of criticism, especially with all negative role models we see nowadays, I found myself thinking of its positive points.

I am one of the people who get very touched when I hear of a celebrity death, while many argue that it’s hard to grieve someone you don’t know personally, I disagree. We mourn celebrities not because we know them personally, but because they represent something for us, it could be a memory, a feeling, a touch, a smell. Their faces embody a sense of nostalgia that is hard to shake off and their deaths represent the end of something.

Going back to the Dicaprio meme, I found myself remembering my pre-teen years, a friend of mine had gushed about Titanic and how cute “Jack Dawson” was. I wanted to watch it so badly but I wasn’t allowed to because the DVD version was uncensored. A while later, MBC 2 (it was called Channel 2 back then) aired it and boy did I fall in love. The months that followed involved us daydreaming about Leo’s handsome face, sticking his posters on our walls, and exchanging badly written fan fictions that we wrote ourselves.  Ah those innocent years!

I don’t really know where I am going with this post, if you could call it that, all I know is that I had to type this down. I guess what I am trying to say is that celebrities really have the power to touch us, even if we don’t know them personally because they represent something, and that might explain all the articles I saw about Dicaprio turning 40.

And since I am here anyways, here is my top ten list of celebrity crushes (the extended edition was too long to type out)

  1. Leonardo Dicaprio
  2. Elijah Wood
  3. Jared Leto
  4. Viggo Mortensen
  5. Uncle Jesse (John Stamos)
  6. Klaus from the Vampire Diaries
  7. Robert Deniro (he has a certain charm okay?)
  8. George Clooney
  9. Daniel Lavoie
  10. Garou

Now back to studying.


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