What Equality Really Means

What Equality Really Means

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The Women Against Feminism movement has created loud echoes, despite that, I admit that I haven’t given it much thought, mainly because many of its arguments included things such as: I am against Feminism because I need my husband to open jars for me, I am against Feminism because I love my Father, and I am against Feminism because I enjoy wearing skirts.

No, they weren’t kidding.

In fact, I think I need to write a separate post just to talk about some of these arguments, because according to some of them, if I live in a place that grants me my rights, I shouldn’t advocate for people in other places to have theirs.

What baffles me the most, is that these women seem to have no understanding of what Feminism really means. Like I said, I didn’t really give this movement much thought before because, in all honesty, I don’t think it deserves to be given any thought. However, I was recently talking with some friends, and the subject of equality came up. I was surprised when a good friend of mine said, “True equality doesn’t exist”

I asked her to name one thing that a man can do, that can’t be done by a woman. After some stuttering and a very brief mention of chromosomes, the difference in physical strength came up. My friend is a young, smart, and ambitious woman, which is why I was surprised to hear such a feeble argument coming from her.

The thing is, a Feminist is someone who advocates for the equal social, political, legal, and economic rights of all human beings.  Its idea is that, our biological differences should not dictate our value as human beings. I explained that to her, and I said that if you want to talk about the difference in physical strength, then you might as well mention that that difference also exists between members of the same gender. Does that difference mean that these people are not equal to each other as human beings? No, of course not.

I don’t know if she understood what I am trying to say or if we’re even on the same page, I don’t think we are, but someone changed the subject, so I guess I’ll never know. It did however, prompt me to write this entry because I find that my thought process becomes more coherent when I am writing versus when I am speaking, but I digress.

This conversation made me realize how people, especially in our region, often misunderstand the meaning of equality and the idea of Feminism in general. Feminism doesn’t mean that women should become men, nor does it mean that women should have more rights than men and it certainly doesn’t call for man-hating. It simply means, that we should all be seen as equal human beings. Feminism calls for a world where we can all work hand in hand, and be seen with equal value regardless of our gender and our differences, and certainly regardless of whether we can open a jar of pickles or not.

I can’t believe that this still needs to be discussed.

I know that we have come a long way, I also know that we still have a long way to go and I definitely know that Feminism has its extremists and hypocrites too, and that men themselves suffer from sexism because of that. This extremism is also the reason why Feminism has garnered a negative reputation, enough apparently, that it prompted an anti-movement led by women themselves.

Nonetheless, I am going to be positive and say that I am glad that we have reached a time in human history, where women can be vocal about their opinion, despite the fact that, if it wasn’t for the Feminist movement, this wouldn’t have been possible.


3 thoughts on “What Equality Really Means

  1. Right on. It riles me up whenever I say I’m a Feminist and some people look at me like I’ve grown horns or something. When they do that, I immediately know that they’re the kind that assumes being a Feminist means being a man-hater or wanting female superiority over male. Just like you said, they should understand that Feminism is a movement for gender equality. And I’m also disappointed whenever I met a fellow female like your friend who’s smart but then declares she’s against feminism because of some deeply-ingrained beliefs of males being stronger than females. These people should meet some of the world’s best female athletes.

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